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  • KAIST DEAL Vision Team's Innovative Win at ACM MMS..

    ​ The DEAL Vision team from the Auto-ID lab of Professor Daeyoung Kim achieved an outstanding result in the Basketball player i

  • KAIST Professor Joseph Seering wins Best Paper Awa..

    KAIST faculty member Joseph Seering has won a Best Paper Award for his paper, "Hate Raids on Twitch: Echoes of the Past, New

  • Paper from the NLP*CL Lab in the School of Computi..

    Fitsum Gaim, Wonsuk Yang, and Hancheol Park, under the guidance of advisor Professor Jong C. Park from the School of Computing at

  • Haeyun Oh, professor of KAIST School of Computing ..

    The paper "Aspect and Sentiment Unification Model," published in 2011 by KAIST graduate Yohan Jo (Master's: KAIST Ph

  • KSC2022 Excellent Presentation Paper Award/ Winner..

    This is the list of winners of the KSC2022 Excellent Presentation Paper Award and Undergraduate Paper Contest organized by the Kor

  • Most Influential Paper Award at ACM POPL 2023, a t..

    Together with Thomas Dinsdale-Young, Lars Birkedal, Philippa Gardner, and Matthew Parkinson, Hongseok Yang at KAIST received the A

  • Professor Juho Kim Won 2022 KIISE/IEEE-CS Young Co..

    At the "2022 Korea Software Research Conference" held in Jeju Island on December 22, 2022, Professor Juho Kim of KAIST S

  • Professor Sangkil Cha Won IEEE TSE Best Paper Awar..

    The research team led by Professor Cha won the 2021 Best Paper Award from the IEEE Computer Society. This highly prestigious award

  • Bachelor's Degree Dohyun Kim, Master's Degree Jinw..

    (left) Minwoo Cho Bachelor's Degree / Dohyun Kim Bachelor's Degree / Jinwoo Kim Master's Degree / Daehyung Park (profe

  • Best Paper Award at International Conference on Me..

    At "The 3rd International Conference on Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnosis" (MICAD), which was held as a hybri

  • Excellent Thesis Award at KSC2022

    Five research papers from our School of Computing were selected as excellent papers at the 2022 Korea Software Congress 2022 (KSC

  • 2022 KAIST Q-Day Award

    left: KAIST president Kyunghyung Lee, right: Professor Jinah Park Professor Jinah Park of our School of Computing won the Creat

  • Professor Minhyuk Kim won the Best Invention Award..

    Minhyuk Kim, a professor of computer science at KAIST, was selected as the best prize at the "10th Industrial-Academic Resear

  • 2022 QIFK(Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Korea)

    https://www.qualcomm.com/research/university-relations/innovation-fellowship/2022-south-korea At the Qualcomm Innovation Fellow

  • Asiahaptics 2022 Best Demo Award - Finalist

    At the AsiaHaptics 2022 (http://www.asiahaptics2022.com/) demo session held in China, Japan, and Korea on the 11th (Friday), a dem

  • Fluiz, founded by professor Insik Shin, won the CE..

    KAIST start-up company Fluiz CES Innovation Award for New Technology for Smart Device Connectivity KAIST research team'

  • Won Grand Prize in the Cryptographic Analysis Cont..

    On October 13, 2022 (Thu), students of KAIST (President Lee Kwanghyung), Changwan Park (Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engi

  • KAIST Professor Meeyoung Cha and Sue Moon won the ..

    In the early days of YouTube, she analyzed the characteristics of user-generated content platforms and won the best thesis award a

  • Professor Sangkil Cha's research team won the ASE ..

    Professor Sangkil Cha's research team won the ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ASE 2022, the best academic conference in the s

  • KAIST SoC team from CGV lab became co-champions in..

    Professor Kang Inseok of KAIST Computer Science, and Professor Park Jinhoon of International School of MedicineHe won first place

  • Professor Min H. Kim's research team at our School..

    Figure 1. SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Paper Award Honorable Mention, Ph.D. candidate Inseung Hwang (the first author), and Professor

  • The Best Paper Award awarded at 2022 Summer Confer..

    Sungwon Han (Integrated Master's and Doctorate Program at KAIST School of Computing), Mingi Shin (Master's Program KAIST S

  • Junsoo Lee, an undergraduate of our school won an ..

    Junsoo Lee, an undergraduate student (Advisor: Prof. Sungjin Ahn) of our School developed 'Age-free Kiosk for the Digitally Un

  • Professor Moonzoo Kim received the 2021 Best Teach..

    Professor Moonzoo Kim of the KAIST School of Computing was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Professor Award from Korea Institute of Hu

  • Professor Sang Kil Cha awarded IEEE Test-of-Time A..

    < Professor Sang Kil Cha > Professor Sang Gil Cha of the Graduate School of Information Security at our School received t

  • Professor Daehyung Park was selected as the recipi..

    < Professor Daehyung Park > Professor Daehyung Park of our School was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Google Resear

  • Ulzhalgas Rakhman received the “Outstanding Paper ..

    Ph.D. student Ulzhalgas Rakhman advised by Professor Daehyung Park in the Robust Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (RIRO Lab) r

  • Students of our school won in the 2021 NC Fellowsh..

    < (from left) Kyungwon Jung, Seungmin Hwang, NCSOFT official> On April 25, 2022, Seungmin Hwang and Kyungwon Jung of our

  • Professor Kihong Heo's research team from KAIST Sc..

    < Hyunsu Kim (left), Professor Kihong Heo (right) > In May 2022, a research team of KAIST SoC Professor Kihong Heo, his g

  • Professor Meeyoung Cha received the Minister's Com..

    Professor Meeyoung Cha of the KAIST School of Computing received the Minister's Commendation from the Ministry of Science and

  • Jinwoo Kim was selected as a recipient of the Kwan..

    Jinwoo Kim, an integrated MS & Ph.D. student (advisor: Prof. Seunghoon Hong) in our department, was selected as a scholarship

  • Dae-Young Park, a Master’s student of School of Co..

    Dae-Young Park, a Master’s student (advisor: Prof. In-Young Ko) of School of Computing at KAIST received the ‘Best Pap

  • SoC students Sungwon Han and Berhane Weldegebriel ..

  • SoC students Eunji Lee and Sihyun Kim won the Pape..

    Eunji Lee, a Master student of Data Science Laboratory (Advisor: Prof. Meeyoung Cha) at our School won the paper award at JKAIA 20

  • Prof. Sukyoung Ryu’s research team won ACM Disting..

    A research team led by Prof. Sukyoung Ryu in our school received ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award in ACM/IEEE ICSE 2021 (The

  • Kim Woojae, an undergraduate student in School of ..

    Title: Generative Adversarial Perturbations on Attention Space for Better Transferability Abstract: Adversarial attacks have

  • Jang Youngjae, an undergraduate student in School ..

    Youngjae Jang, an undergraduate student in the School of Computing, KAIST, a team leader of FocusWithMe, who developed a social pl

  • Dr. Seung-Hwan Baek (Advisor: Prof. Min H. Kim), a..

    On February 16, 2021, Dr. Seung-Hwan Baek (Advisor: Professor Min H. Kim) of our School was awarded the Grand Prize in the IT cate

  • Professor Sang-Gil Cha won the ACM Distinguished P..

    Professor Sang-Gil Cha from our School won the ACM Distinguished Paper Award for his paper ‘Boosting Fuzzer Efficiency: An I

  • Won the Grand Prize in the 2020 National Cryptogra..

    Yeongmin Lee, Byeonghak Lee, and Wonseok Choi, Ph.D. candidates in KAIST Graduate School of Information Security (GSIS) (Advisor:

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