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CS buildings

The classrooms, offices, and laboratories of our department are located in CS building (E3-1) and IT Convergence building (N1). About 70% of our graduate students and professors have their offices at E3-1, and the rest are accommodated by N1, which is one of the newest buildings on campus. All the undergraduate courses are held at N1, while various graduate level courses and activities take place at E3-1. N1 features additional facilities such as lounges, computer labs, and study rooms for the convenience of students and faculty members.

Academic Environment/Student Clubs

 Computing Facilities: Facilities: Many computer servers, storage servers, and Linux cluster servers available for research and educational use. Moreover, each of the laboratories is equipped with high-quality computer servers, workstations, personal computers, and accessories. High-speed Internet and Wi-Fi connections are available in all laboratories and classrooms in the CS buildings.Wi-Fi connections are available in all laboratories and classrooms in the CS buildings.

Eve Room
There are 62 computers for students to work on their assignments and projects.
Seminar Rooms
All seminar rooms are equipped with projectors and other resources for project meetings and seminar activities.
Digital Laboratory
There are 62 computers which students use for laboratory assignments and projects.
Student Lounge
Located across the Eve Room, the student lounge has comfortable furniture and CS-related journals for students to stop by and take a break from their busy academic life.


Residence and Health Care

Most student live in dormitory located on campus. Also, KAIST has an excellent on-campus clinic for student health care. Most lectures offered at KAIST are given in English. There are in fact many opportunities to interact with international students living on campus. For more details on the campus life, visit: http://www.kaist.ac.kr/html/en/campus/campus_0501.html

On-campus Dining and Gym near CS Department

KAIST offers many dining options on campus. The East- and North-side cafeterias are especially popular, located within 1 minute walking distance from E3-1 and N1, respectively. Cafés and bakery shops for dessert are available nearby as well. Also, gyms are available at several locations on campus for easy access to a healthy lifestyle.